Welcome To The Outcast Sauna Stoneybatter

About Us

The Outcast Sauna is a place to connect. Our ethos is rooted in a sense of community, where individuals from all walks of life can gather to relax, converse and embrace the elements together.

We are committed to providing a unique experience, offering the ancient wisdom of saunas and cold plunges in a modern, accessible setting. Our goal is to inspire and guide our friends as they harness the power of contrast therapy to enhance their physical vitality and mental clarity.

Sauna Health Benefits


Sweating in a sauna helps eliminate toxins through the skin.


Relieves stress, promotes relaxation, and eases muscle tension.

Improved Circulation:

Heat increases blood flow, enhancing cardiovascular health.

Pain Relief:

Alleviates joint and muscle pain.

Skin Health:

Clears pores and promotes a healthy complexion.

Respiratory Benefits:

May ease congestion and improve breathing.

Weight Loss:

Burns calories and aids in weight management.

Immune Boost:

Hot and cold exposure has been shown to stimulate beneficial immune system activity.

Enhanced Sleep:

Promotes deep, restful sleep.

Book Now


Please come equipped with your swimsuit and a towel to sit on during your time in the sauna. We also highly recommend bringing a water bottle. There is a drinking water facility on site.

You’re all set to sweat if you’re 16 and with a responsible adult, or if you’re 18 and ready to feel the heat solo.

If you decide to cancel within 48 hours before your booking, you’ll get a full refund or a chance to reschedule your experience. Between the 48 to 24-hour mark, we’ll gladly help you find a new booking time. Within 24 hours of the booking, we won’t be able to fill your spot so all bookings are final.

Yes, we have limited changing space on-site. So, we encourage guests to come as ready as possible. Less time spent getting changed = more sauna time!

Aim to arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled time slot.

Each slot gives you 45 minutes. Between the sauna, the cold plunge or just chilling outside! The decision is all yours as to how to spend your time. This schedule gives you 7 ½ minutes either side of your sweat to get changed.

Location & Hours


55 Prussia St, Stoneybatter, Dublin, D07 FK81


Mon-fri 3pm to 9pm

Sat-sun 10am to 7pm